Summer 2012

bgcnj-summer-2012-newsletterA study just released by Prof. Jamshid Damooei of Damooei Global Research demonstrates how the social and economic benefits provided by New Jersey Boys & Girls Clubs translate into “tremendous economic value” for New Jersey Club members, their parents and their communities. According to the report, “while it is easy to appreciate the work of the Clubs in qualitative and emotional or social terms, it requires additional analysis to understand the monetary and economic value of these institutions. At first glance, the Clubs can be praised for the social benefits that they create in the state. However, by digging deeper, it becomes readily apparent that these social benefits create tremendous economic value in New Jersey.” The study found that every dollar invested in Boys & Girls Clubs can generate 15 dollars of positive impact in the community, through improved safety and academic performance for children and teenagers, as well as increased parental income. For example: n Every $1 spent by the Clubs to provide a safe after-school environment can save $2 annually on costs communities could have incurred for teenage pregnancies and births, underage drinking and expenditures for the criminal justice system. n For every $1 spent by the Clubs, $1.45 of increased earnings is generated through the increased lifetime earnings of Club members, whose school performance and graduation rates improve through educational assistance. n Every $1 spent by the Clubs can generate $9 of earnings by parents, who can keep their jobs due to high-quality, low-cost after-school supervision offered by the Clubs. (read more)


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